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Need help with divorce? We can help with all aspects of getting divorced. You will find us easy to work with. Our expertise can help you get the settlement you hope for.


Separating from your partner? We can help you by supporting you through the legal process with dignity and courage.

Property Settlement

How do you divide shared assets in separation? We can help.


You’ve got rights in a defacto separation. We can help with a positive outcome.

Domestic Violence

Suffering in your relationship? We can help you move on.

Children’s Matters

Looking for the best outcome for you and your children? We will help you reach a shared care agreement that protects you and your children.

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Property Settlement
Know where you stand
Often, we find people come to us without a clear idea of what they are entitled to or what the law is around their issues. Whether it be property or children’s matters your first step should be to find out what the law is and where you stand.
You cannot effectively even discuss the matter with the other party if you do not know what the law is in your case. Too often people are uncertain of their situation especially where the other party makes claims or assertions which are often untrue.
An initial consultation with one of our lawyers will help you understand your rights and where you stand at law. Give us a call and start with a free 15 minute phone call on 38325999!


Why choose Journey Lawyers.


Journey Family Lawyers has helped thousands of Australians through their separation who have chosen us based on our approach to Family Law. Why not look at the reasons below and see if we might be a good fit for you.

1. We only do Family Law. We are a small team of experts with many years of experience specialising in Family Law.

2. We will clearly tell you where you stand, work out a way forward and get you through the journey.

3. We will discuss costs and keep you appraised as to where you stand. Where money is a concern, we can give you options to manage the costs of your case.

4. Our aim is to get you through the journey as quickly as possible so that you can come out emotionally and financially in good shape.

5. Not sure? If you want to have a chat, call us on 07 3832 5999 for a free telephone call with one of our lawyers.

Meet Our Team Of Family Lawyers

At Journey Family Lawyers, we work together so you’ll receive the added benefit of our whole teams’ experience.

About Our Brisbane Family Law Firm

Every Family Separation is different, but none of them are easy. That’s why, at Journey Family Lawyers, we actively listen and try to understand your concerns and worries.