Domestic Violence

We find that the biggest problem with Domestic Violence is getting people to recognise when they are victims or perpetrators of Domestic Violence.

Having said that, it is also important that the term not be used indiscriminately and that Domestic Violence orders are not sought just as a weapon in Children’s matters either negotiation or litigation.

I have found the best definition and description of Domestic Violence and the cycle of Domestic Violence is this one:

Remember, both men and women can suffer and perpetrate Domestic violence but it is usually more difficult for a man to admit he is the victim of DV and more difficult for others to accept that he is.

Just remember that Domestic Violence also includes verbal and emotional and financial abuse and you will see that little dainty women can sometimes commit DV on big strong men. It happens, however, that there is far more abuse committed by men against women.

There are steps you can take, and you should consider whether or not taking out orders against the perpetrator will improve the situation or make it worse. Sometimes, leaving the situation is a better option and makes more sense. It takes courage to leave and not be talked into going back ( see the cycle of violence above). If you know someone who needs to leave ( in your opinion) because of abuse by their partner, you ill soon discover that they will not go until they are ready. They need to recognise that they are in this situation before they can begin to take steps to resolve it.

You should tell your lawyer if you are scared of your partner. It will impact on the way that we look after your case. We need to keep you safe.

Call us and make a confidential appointment for $143.00 YOu dint have to give us your address, and we will not send you anything. you pay on the day, and that is the end of it, until you decide you need our services. we can tell you where you stand, and the likely outcome of childrens  matters and property settlement.

We can apply for legal aid  on your behalf, and if necessary, tell you how to go about obtaining a Domestic Violence Order.

We often act in Domestic Violence matters in the magistrates Courts and are very experienced lawyers to have on your side in a crisis.  If you have been wrongly accused of Domestic Violence we can help you too.

If you are ready to begin to take your life back, then we are ready to help.