Time you got your Will sorted?

5 Jul 2017 - Wills 
Legal wills, Lawyer

Aimee South,  lawyer, is experienced in Will making  and Powers of attorney.


No one knows what’s around the corner.
If you die without a legal Will then the law decides how your property is divided amongst your family. Dying without a will may leave your loved ones in limbo or even missing out all together.

If your situation involves step children, de facto partners or ex partners, then you have more reason than most to get your financial ducks in a row before it is too late.

Imagine a scenario where your partner cannot stay in the family home just because you didn’t get around to doing your will.
Or your failure to make a will means your partner doesn’t have enough money to properly provide for your children.

Its important to do a will properly because it is the last thing your will ever say to your family. It tells them you care about what happens to them enough to take steps to have a valid will drawn up.

It is not expensive with the Journey Family Lawyers Wills process. We don’t cater for people who have huge estates and complex needs. But what we do offer is a sensible and uncomplicated process to get you signed up with a valid will as soon as possible after you call us. Call our lawyers today, and they will help you work out your needs. It will then  be prepared quickly and you can either come to an office to sign, or we can send your will to you with signing instructions.

Once it is done, you keep it safe and tell someone where it is. The whole process is quick and easy and costs not much more than a night out.   Call us and let us take care of it for you.

While you are here, why not get us to do an enduring Power of Attorney for you.