Our client, ‘Sarah’, came to see us after her split from her husband of 24 years. Although she was the one who had left, she had spent many years at home caring for their children and she was surprised to find herself in this situation so suddenly.

She had left the family home with little more than her personal items, and no income, so she was concerned about how she was going to pay for food and her rent. Her husband, ‘Tom’, had all the power and knowledge about their money and assets, and he refused to support her or tell her about any of the money, but with our help she was able to turn the situation around.

We were able to get her help immediately, by bringing an application for spousal support, and we also obtained orders that he paid the rent for the short term until the property settlement.

Sarah had not looked at the accounts for many years, but we were able to obtain details of the money in the accounts on her behalf, and even applied to the Court for her to be able to access some of it for her legal case. In the end, she walked away with 75% of the property.

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