How to choose your Family Lawyer.

The Top Things to Consider When Choosing Your Family Lawyer.
In your whole life, you may need the services of a good divorce lawyer only once. If you are lucky, you may never go through separation and divorce.

Still, if you find yourself in that situation, here are a few things you need to consider so you can choose the best lawyer for you.

These tips help whether you are choosing a Brisbane Family Lawyer or a divorce lawyer in another state.

1. Check the Firm’s background – While you are choosing a lawyer your divorce, first make sure to check the background of your lawyer. Questions such as How long has the Family Lawyer has been practising? What is the Family Lawyer’s Education? What reputation does the lawyer have?  A good reputation?  Or not so good. And a reputation for what? Some lawyers have a reputation for going hard for the client. The key to whether that is a good or bad thing is proportionality. It’s not hard to simply follow up every little issue on a property case.  Any one can do that. The benefit of a great lawyer is that they know which things are worth spending your money on. These things matter a lot.

2. What kind of law he or she or the law firm practices – Well, there are plenty of law firms who practice all sorts of  general law, but if you have a divorce case, you should consider using a firm that specialises in Family Law.  If you have a lawyer who is not a Family Lawyer on top of the changes to Family Law from time to time, then you may be quite disadvantaged.

3. Ask other lawyers or call the Queensland Law Society. – They will know someone who has a reputation as a sensible Family Lawyers who will run your case efficiently and effectively.  For example sometimes an accountant or Criminal or tax lawyer will  know who the best family lawyers are.

4.Then you should consult yourself. After you have had an initial phone conversation with a  Brisbane Family Lawyer you should be able to answer these questions.  ( By the way, beware of lawyers who are unavailable to talk to you or who will only chat if you pay for the call.)

a. Is this lawyer going to be able to help you with your family law problem or did they seem unsure?

b. Was the Family lawyer you spoke to polite and interested in your case? Does she or he have a plan?

c. Are you comfortable with the lawyer and the ethos of the Family Law Firm. Could you tell the lawyer everything?Is the lawyer a good ” fit” with you in communication style?
d. Do you feel that your lawyer would understand your priorities, and respond on time
e. Are you okay and comfortable with the fee structure? Can you afford the Family Lawyer? Were you able to discuss fee options up front with the lawyer.

f. Are you comfortable with the terms of the fee agreement and/or Family Law representation agreement?