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23 Feb 2011 - Child Support FAQ

Q: The Child Support Agency has me all confused. I would like to be able to learn more about the processes that I can use to make sure they assess my children’s level of support properly according to my own situation?

A: There is a lot to be learned from the Child Support Agency website. There are downloadable forms to use if you need to. You can always telephone the child Support agency on the numbers on your Letters from them. and also on the web page. Don’t forget to always quote your case number when you call or write to them.

Q: How do I change a child support assessment that I don’t agree with?

A: You need to contact child support and complete a form that asks them to consider changing the assessment. There are 9 grounds on which you can rely. Send the form to CSA and they will send it to your partner for response. The case officer will then arrange an appointment to see you both or talk to you on the phone and will make a decision. IF you are not happy with the decision, you may appeal to the Child Support agency. If you are still not happy, then and only then can you take the matter further. Check the form HERE on the CSA website.


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  1. alex says:

    Is winning a lottery counted as income and am I suppose to pay out the %stated in a lump sum from it. I haven’t cashed the ticket in, not registered winner. Someone said I’d have to give her half, need to know as I’d rather give it to my sisters to cash in than give it all to her. I pay regularly csa and school fees, swimming clothes etc

    • Lynette says:

      Dear Alex , this is atricky one. Have you had property setlement yet? By that i mean do you have sealed Court orders by Consent or contested hearing or a binding financial agreement?

      That is the first issue. If you do, then your winning are yours, although any interest off those winnings would be counted as income for the purposes of child support .

      If you have not had property settlement yet, then I suggest you look at the case ofFarmer and Bramley at the below address.
      YOu will see that the wife had an entitlement to some of the winnnings even though her Husband and she had separated 2 years before.It may be that your case is different to that in osme way and you need to see a lawyer as soon as possible to find out your liability.

      You cannot pretend it is someone elses. ( See what happened to the Husband in Farmer and Bramley when he said it was his Mother’s) and your solicitor cannot help you misrepresent your situation to the court or to your ex partner. But it may not be anywhere near half that she should get. Get some detaqiled advice and put your mind at rest.

      I hope that helps, regards Lynette

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