Stress-Free Legal Help With Fixed Pricing

If you are going through or considering divorce and separation, one of your biggest worries is more than likely, how much it’s going to cost. You might be thinking you’ll spend tens of thousands of dollars in fees with no forseeable ceiling or end.

At Journey Family Lawyers, we offer the option of Fixed Fees for Family Law. By offering a fixed fee for Family law, you will be able to know and manage the costs of your legal proceedings. We develop a Case Plan to manage both your legal case and your costs.

You Pay For The Work That’s Done, Not For The Time Taken To Do The Work

  • You knowing exactly what your costs will be.
  • You will know when you have to pay your legal costs and how much you need to manage your account.
  • Your Lawyer has an encouragement to be more efficient and to achieve results.
  • You will have a better understanding and control of the time frame and management of your case.
  • You will know at each stage exactly how much you have to pay.
  • Your Lawyer is paid when a stage of the Fixed Fee Family Law process is completed.

How It Works

Initial $275 Appointment
  • Step 1

    Where you Stand

    Find out where you stand and what your options are then develop a case plan including estimates for the work involved at each stage of the process.

  • Step 2


    Develop Fixed Fees Plan with estimated pricing for each stage

  • Step 3

    Costs Agreement

    We provide you with a Costs Agreement including the Family Law Fixed Costs Agreement

  • Step 4

    Work Commences

    We start working for you in accordance with the Case Plan

  • Step 5

    Complete Control

    You have complete control of the case and can decide whether to continue or settle at any stage

Why does fixed fee pricing only include estimates and not an overall cost of the whole procedure?

It is a commonly asked question of clients as to why a Lawyer cannot give overall fixed prices. In many cases, the direction a case takes, depends not on the client or their Lawyer but on the other party. If the other party is unreasonable or is not interested in settling, it is difficult to anticipate what the next steps are past a certain point.

Our experience is that we are able to give you a fixed price for a number of steps and then we have further meetings in relation to the further costs. These further steps will generally depend on the actions of the other party.

Is the Fixed Fee Family Law Process Suitable for Me?

At Journey Family Lawyers, we offer a number of fee arrangements. These include time costing, Fixed Fee Family Law process and ‘step in step out’ process. Sometimes a client will use a combination of all three (3) processes. At your initial consultation, your Lawyer will go through these options and discuss which one is most suitable.

In relatively straight forward matters, a Fixed Fee is often a good option. In extended matters, sometimes a combination of Fixed Fee Family Law and Step In Step Out processes are an option. In other matters, particularly very difficult matters or where the other party involved is uncooperative, it is sometimes difficult to quote Fixed Fee.

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