Keeping your Costs down in Family Law

23 Oct 2018 - Blog 

We all want the best outcome we can possibly have from your Family Law journey. Whether it be by mediation or Court. In a perfect world, everyone would have equally  knowledgeable  and  conscientious lawyers to represent them. The reality, though , is that good lawyers are quite expensive, and sometimes people have to settle for lawyers who would not usually be their first choice.


Journey Lawyers  have found a way around that. We have many clients who have been able to use our services even though they are not the financially strong party.  We are some of the good lawyers, but having options for keeping costs down makes us affordable to more people.  Here’s three ways that we do it.

1 We get our clients to do as much as they can for themselves. Its just like labouring for the tiler, or builder. You do the stuff you can and that doesn’t need legal experience. You then get us to do the legal stuff, like Court documents,  attending Court with you, and advising you along the way.  People who do this are well able to answer the many letters that usually come about times and dates for children’s visits, for example, or answer letters asking for copies of documents. It saves the costs of us having to read the letter in the first place, then saves the costs of us having to send it to you to get instructions, and then saves you the costs of us writing back to the lawyer. That saving of about 20 minutes legal work can save you lots. Multiply that by 10 or so letters and you can see that you have made a big difference to your legal bills.

2. We offer fixed fees for just about everything we do. Just ask. We will work out what amount of work your particular case should need, and then we quote it as a fixed fee. You can budget for each step.

3. If your ex partner has control of joint funds, then we can apply to the Court for an interim distribution of funds to help you with your legal fees.  ONce we have that money for you, creating a “level playing field” so to speak, then you can still use options above to make the most of your money.

By the way, you will also get a bill every week so you can keep track of your spending.

So there you have it. this is how we keep costs down for our clients.




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