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23 Feb 2011 - Blog FAQ 

If you think you are eligible for legal aid , please phone us and we can help you complete your application for legal aid get redirected here.



2 responses to “Legal Aid”

  1. shiva says:

    Actually my friend had married with a Australian girl ,, he wants to have divorce.. can u please tell me how long it will get to hav divorce…he wants divorce as soon as possible…and also he has no work ,,

    • Lynette says:

      Hi Shiva,

      The process of getting a Divorce takes about four to five months from the time a person starts completing the Application. A lot depends on where the parties live. For instance, if the other party lives overseas, the Court allows extra time to serve the documentation.

      If you look under our Divorce category you will find a lot of useful information. I suggest you read that and that should answer many of your questions. Otherwise you can call for a free ten minute phone consultation on (07) 3832 5999.

      All the best.

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