North Lakes Team

Bryan Galvin

Principal and Family Lawyer at Journey Family Lawyers based in Brisbane, Strathpine and North Lakes.

Richard Galloway Lawyer

Richard Galloway Lawyer,  Journey Family Lawyers

Jasmine Cox, Lawyer

Family Lawyer Jasmine Cox

 The team of Lawyers at North Lakes is a vibrant skilled one. You will feel at home as soon as you go into our bright office. Claire Wall will usually greet you and see if you would like tea or coffee or water. There is a brief form to complete and then you will meet your lawyer. Usually, you will have spoken to him or her when you called up for your free 15 minute phone call, (that often runs for much more than 15 minutes). So you will probably already know your lawyer a little before you meet face to face for your first 1 hour meeting. At this meeting you will tell your story, skillfully guided by the lawyer to make sure your whole circumstances are taken into account when your lawyer gives you your advice. Usually by the end of this appointment you will have a copy of a document to take home that sets out your case plan.

We tell you your prospects and a rough idea of likely outcomes, and a time frame and estimated costs at this appointment. If you have no money or no access to money, then we can see how we can use the court system to get you some of the joint assets so that you have proper representation.

Claire Wall

Claire Wall, Personal Assistant, Journey North Lakes Family Lawyers

Claire Gates

Claire Gates Journey North Lakes Family Lawyers