No property settlement is too difficult and there’s nothing we can’t handle

When two people separate there will always be a need to split the assets of the relationship. Fortunately, we know how to find a settlement that allows both parties to move forward and rebuild their lives, and we’ll fight for your fair share.

Even if you and your ex-spouse reach a mutually satisfactory settlement it’s a wise idea to have it checked over by a lawyer before you apply for consent orders. We can quickly advise if you’re on the right track, or if you’re selling yourself short.

Why Would You Need A Lawyer?

  • You shouldn’t have to wait to move on

    There are many ways to reach an agreement about ‘who gets what’, but what you need to know is that at no stage should you be forced to live in limbo.

    We’ll make sure your ex-partner won’t be able to drag things out indefinitely.

  • Whatever your situation, we have the property law experts who can help

    Property Settlement can be frustrating and time consuming, but we’ll work hard on your behalf so you never feel confused or alone.

    Whether you need a quick chat and some advice, or for us to act immediately, we can help you.

Working out what you should get follows a simple 4-step process

The Family Law Act makes it clear how we need to calculate what you should receive as your share of the settlement; and we’ll fight to get you the best percentage possible within this calculation.
  • Step 1

    First we work out a combined pool of assets

    We’ll work out the combined value of everything you both own, and any debts you have (joint or individual). We may need to get valuations done for some things before we can come up with a figure.

  • Step 2

    Then we consider the contributions made by each party

    Usually both of you will be considered as contributing 50%, unless one of you came into the relationship with more, or you were gifted a significant amount from one side (e.g. free rent or help with a house deposit from one side).

  • Step 3

    We look at what you both need to move forward

    One of you may need more support to move forward, for example if you have more care of the children, or less super than your partner, so the settlement may be adjusted to account for this.

  • Step 4

    Lastly, we need to check the settlement is ‘just and equitable’

    Before any settlement will be approved by the Court (whether you apply for Consent Orders or Court Orders), they’ll look at the practical application of the agreement and check that it allows both parties to move on.

Transparent Fixed Fees For Peace Of Mind

We offer a fixed fee model meaning you pay for the work that’s done, not for how long it takes to do the work. You’ll know exactly what you will pay as you go, with no nasty surprise bills.

You’ll always know where you stand with us by your side

Unlike some other firms, we don’t want to keep you in the dark. We’re open and honest about the process, as we believe it’s better for you to know what our plan is right from the start. Giving you the confidence you need to plan for the future.

So here’s how your property settlement will work with us:

Let’s chat

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Meet us in person

Come in for a 1-hour obligation free consultation. It only costs $275 (GST incl.), and could be all you need to get your property matter sorted.

We’ll show you how we calculate your settlement and what you need to do next.

Work Out a Plan

If you’d like our help to move forward, we’ll sit down with you and work out what you want to achieve

We’ll take a full history as well as gather together records and valuations so we can determine your joint asset pool

Put it in Action

Then we get in touch with the other side. We can ask them for any missing financial information and also ask them to agree on a settlement.

If they’re difficult or don’t give us the information we need, we can always go through the Court to collect what we need.

Reach a Settlement & File

At this point we often find we can reach a settlement, then we’ll help you file for Consent Orders with the Court.

If you can’t reach an agreement, we’ll begin the Court proceedings.

If You Need To File a Court Action

We’ll get to work as quickly as possible.We should have most of the information we need from your initial interview but we’ll put any remaining documents together and ‘serve’ them on your former partner. Sometimes this is all that’s needed to get them to negotiate sensibly – and you can then file Consent Orders.

From this point on, AT ANY STAGE YOU CAN REACH AN AGREEMENT AND FILE CONSENT ORDERS which are much simpler, and just as binding as court orders.

Your First Court Date

At this time both parties will have all the relevant information, it’s likely that you’ll be able to reach an agreement at the first hearing.

We’ll argue any immediate matters that need orders from the Judge that day, and if you agree then you can file Consent Orders afterwards.

If you still don’t agree

The court will direct you to attend mediation, and once again, if you reach agreement at mediation then you can file consent orders and your case is over.

If you still don’t agree then at the next Court date, you’ll both be ordered to file all documents and valuations and you’ll set a Trial date.

On the trial date

You may not get a decision from the Judge on the day, and if you reach agreement during the trial or afterwards but before the decision, you are still able to file Consent Orders.

Otherwise, the Judges’ decision will be made into Court Orders which are final (lodging an appeal is possible but difficult, and will add months to your case).

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