Separation Is Just The First Step Forward

Once you know your relationship has ended, it’s important to take steps so you can move towards your future.

At this time, you may not want to think logically, or plan ahead, but how you act now and the things you do today could have an effect on your future. By being calm and considered, you can give yourself a better chance of an easier (and less expensive) separation process.

Here's What You Need To Do First

  • Get some support

    Look after your emotional wellbeing and get support so you can handle what you need to do next.

  • Protect the irreplaceable

    If you can do so safely, you should try to protect the important things you own and cherish.

  • Change your passwords. NOW.

    Take our word on this one, we’ve seen people do some horrible things out of misguided ‘revenge’.

  • Inform Centrelink and Medicare

    Let Centrelink and Medicare know immediately so you can get immediate financial support.

Why Would You Need A Lawyer?

  • Get Good advice from the start

    Many couples make it through this difficult time without needing a lawyer to work on their behalf. We’re here to guide and advise, and we believe the best outcome is one you reach between yourselves.

    But regardless of how you get there, it’s important to get good advice right from the start. Whether you need us to fight for what you’re entitled to, or just to show you the way forward, we’re on your side.

  • Mortgage and debt management

    You and your ex-partner should work out a plan as soon as possible to cover the mortgage while you work out a final settlement. If your ex refuses to pay, it’s certain that the bank will expect you to cover it or foreclose. But we can help you draft letters.

    Let the Bank know you’ll cover it, or apply to the court for an Order that your ex-partner helps pay it. If you end up paying it all, we can help you seek reimbursement for any extra contribution you make at the final property settlement.

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Then Establish Some Boundaries

As soon as you’ve protected yourself, you need to establish some set boundaries between you and your former partner. It’s no longer appropriate for you to communicate with anger or insults, and you must not harass them with multiple text messages or phone calls, as this could lead to allegations of harassment.

We understand it’s incredibly difficult, but you must make every effort to keep your communication polite and business-like, particularly in front of your children. And while it may be hard at the time, it will go in your favour later on when everything has calmed down and you can look back on your actions without regret.

Transparent Fixed Fees For Peace Of Mind

We offer a fixed fee model meaning you pay for the work that’s done, not for how long it takes to do the work. You’ll know exactly what you will pay as you go, with no nasty surprise bills.

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Journey Family Lawyers has helped thousands of Australians through their separation.

With our Proactive approach to your case, and our range of fee options, you will be in safe hands, and in control at all times.
We are big enough to manage any matter but small enough to care for every single client. With all our experience you are in safe and supportive hands.
We have over 120 years family law experience between us. Bryan Galvin has over 40 years experience in family law.
Journey is flexible, accessible and transparent. Your lawyer will run all of your case or only the parts of it that you want us to help. We will always talk about your likely costs upfront and well ahead of time to help you budget. If you don't have money, we have other ways to help you get some for your legals.
We will give you practical, no nonsense and strategic advice, to get you through your difficult times.

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