Why Choose Journey Family Lawyers?

1 Apr 2014 - Blog 

Why Choose Journey Family Lawyers

Journey Family Lawyers are the largest specialist Family Law firm in Queensland. We only do Family Law and we are experts at it. We give strategic and practical advice suitable to your needs. If you need information and a plan to move forward, we can give it; if you need assistance in negotiating an agreement, we can assist you and, if you need an expert firm to assist you in court, we are the ones to protect your interest and fight for you.

Journey Family Lawyers encourages clients to reach agreement but if you are not able to do so, we are there to support you with clear and frank advice about your options and costs to get your case finalised. We take a lot of effort in getting you through the journey of separation as quickly as possible. We realise that every day you wake up with an unresolved Family Law matter, is a day less perfect than it should be. We aim to reduce the number of days to as few as possible.

You are free to have the case the way you want but with Journey Family Lawyers, you will have the expert guidance and advice that you need to make the right decisions for you and your family.


If you are worried about costs, then we can help you have certainty.

Our fixed fees can give you clarity about your costs so you can budget for them. Even if you have not got a fixed fee agreement with us, you will get a bill most weeks when we have worked on your case. this means you know exactly what you are paying for and exactly what we are doing for you. In most cases, we encourage our clients to do as much of the necessary work on their file as they feel comfortable doing.  We step in and do the rest. If the case is dormant and just waiting on an event such as a Family Report or a trial, then we can notify the court that we are not acting and the client can handle the day to day correspondence for themselves, getting us involved only if they need advice.

Know Where you Stand

When a couple separate, people really need to know where they stand early on. If you can find out what your entitlement will be, or what is the likely outcome about the children, then you can prepare to prepare and plan,

Often people ask around for advice and there are many “war” stories about Family Law and separation. The trouble is that there is “no one size fits all”. Often the advice people get is wrong. This well meaning advice from family and friends can result in either unrealistic expectations or in nightmares about how the whole case goes.

At Journey, we strongly believe that you should firstly find out where you stand with property and children. Sometimes early advice will assist in maximising your entitlement. As experts practicing only in Family Law, we are able to give you that advice.  As well we offer strategies and options for you to best deal with the issues you have.  Our aim is to take you through the journey of separation and settlement.

We recommend that if you have just separated or are thinking of separating you come in for a “one off” consultation to find out where you stand and how best to deal with all the issues. One or two of our skilled lawyers will spend an hour or so with you. By the end, you should know where you stand and have some options to move forward.

Negotiation and Mediation

Most cases in Family Law are settled by negotiation or mediation. We strongly support the process of trying to mediate the outstanding issues between the parties rather than just going to court.. Sometimes the parties can do this themselves and we are able to support clients in that situation by advising them of their rights and options. In other cases where the relationship of the parties is not so good, a more formal mediation or negotiation process can be adopted. At Journey, we believe in using the best tools to get you a good outcome. If you use Journey, we can work out a case plan to best suit your needs to solve the issues. Our lawyers are well skilled at negotiating and assisting in mediations and will be able to help you through the process.

Going to Court

Sometimes a party just has to go to court. This often happens when the other party is being unreasonable. At Journey we are skilled specialist Family Lawyers; when the gloves come off,  we will fight for your rights to make sure you are not disadvantaged by another party. Being the biggest specialist family law firm in Queensland, we are regularly in court and our lawyers are skilled in court actions.


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