Time to get your Will sorted?

25 Jan 2019 - Blog Wills 

If you have been through or are going through separation, then you may have thought ” I need to get my Will changed”.
Chances are that your ex-partner is the person who is currently your Attorney, and also executor of your will.
If you haven’t already done so, now is the perfect time to update your Will. We have a great streamlined service that means that you come in, give instructions or email instructions, and leave with a fully executed will. It only takes an hour or so. We can also do your Enduring Power of Attorney at the same time. Don’t delay. We can fix that nagging worry quickly and at the reasonable cost of $330.00 for a Will and EPOA ( GST inclusive.) Call us today on 07 32059000 ( Strathpine ) or 07 34482199 (North Lakes ) or 07 38325999 for our Brisbane Office.

Learn more about Wills and Powers of Attorney

What if you pass away before you change your Will?  The law is that  if you have separated from the executor of your current Will but not yet actually divorced, then your ex is the person who controls your estate.




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